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Oct 2, 2012 4:30am EDT
region. october 2nd, john mohammad and his accomplice embarked on the killing spree. they killed 10 people while wounding three others. people in virginia, dc and maryland, were terrified to spend time outside. in a rare and chilling interview with the washington post, 27 years old, mallvo is speaking about the horrific days and apologizing to the > if you look up the definition, i was a ghoul, thief, i stole people's life. >> he is serving a life sentence. his partner was executed in 2009. >>> job is protects you in the event of a house fire but a firefighter is accused of sexually abusing two teen boys. cot sl held on 150,000 dollars bail, police say one of the victims called them saying cotel abused him while he lived with the boy's family. he also saw cotel abusing a friend at the same home. police are worried there maybe more victims. >>> parents with students at heritage high school will have a hard time saying good-bye to kids. yesterday, a student at the school was stabbed in his upper body. police say it happened after he and another student got in
Sep 26, 2012 4:30am EDT
company from massachusetts presented her with a special computer at johns hopkins hospital. it allows her to do all kinds of activities online and also make phone calls and send text messages just by moving her eyes. >> it helps a lot. it helps me to be able to communicate with my family. >> the cost of the equipment would have been more than $8,000 as far as finding the person who shot her, police say they have no suspects and right now no motive either. >>> time for five things to know on this wednesday morning. a hearing on the defamation gation cains kens casey anthony. she is being sued by a woman who says she damaged her reputation during the murder trial of her daughter. anthony claimed a nanny tookcaylee. >>> allen gross has been in prison in cuba for almost 3 years now. he was arrested and sentenced for bringing restricd communication equipment into the country. >> the state of ohio is seeing presidential activity. mitt romney is attending a victory rally and henning to a round -- heading to a round table discussion and president obama will state at kent state and bowling green s
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2